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Purposeful Prayer

I want to pray better in 2018. By that I mean I want to pray more effectively, more meaningfully, more purposefully. I realize that my prayers fall short of the great prayers of the Bible. I believe that as we look together at five model prayers of Jesus, Abraham, David, Hezekiah, and Paul each week in this 5 week series we can both improve and greatly expand our prayer lives in 2018!

Be Renewed

Our Student Pastor, Matt Dugan, is saying "goodbye" to 2017 and getting excited to usher in 2018! He challenges our thinking about new year's resolutions. Come and be inspired by our God who is making all things new!

Unforgettable Christmas

Sometimes, it’s difficult to enjoy Christmas when we’re too busy to stop and savor the holiday. For most of us, it feels like the Christmas season gets shorter and shorter every year. What if we could all get back to the foundation of the Christmas story: the joy and celebration of receiving the gift of Jesus into our lives. What if you could have an unforgettable Christmas this year? You can! You can make Jesus the center of your life this season!