The Future of FCC

Our Future

FCC's future is bright with the light of Jesus.  We believe that the local church is the hope of our community and of the world.  FCC has 40 acres of property that has been paid off.  As soon as it was paid off in November of 2017, we began dreaming about what God wants to accomplish on this ground within the Fortville community.  Below is video explaining how earlier this year the Elders appointed a Vision Team to dream and to plan.
FCC’s Vision Team is still gathering ideas for the use of our surrounding property.  Please share in the dream of FCC's future by giving any ideas you may have for the use of the surrounding property keeping in mind these two criteria:

1. First and foremost, whatever we decide for this land, it must be used as an opportunity for ministry
2. It should be a source of income generation which will allow us to become more sustainable as a church while being able to pour more resources back into our local and global ministries

Even if your ideas seem to be irrational or unattainable, we would still like for you to share them.  Thank you for your participation in the dreaming process!
Several months ago, FCC wanted to share some of the dreams we had for the property and invited Eric Bahme from MBS Solutions (Missions Based Sustainability) and consultant to BGW (Building God's Way) to talk about our future.  The plans we proposed had several possibilities.  One possiblity is an event center for the Town of Fortville.  Another possibility is sports performance center along with a community center. Another possiblity is an assisted living facility and a 55+ residential community.  Another possibility is a children's daycare along with some possible retail/office space.  All of these would bridge relationships and create service opportunities for our church to engage our community while creating sustainable income that can be used for Christ's mission and purpose in Fortville.
Meeting with Eric Bahme, President of MBS Solutions
Possible Layout of Some Ideas for FCC's Future