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A team of 14 FCC'ers headed down to the Dominican Republic to love on our partner Pastor Gregorio Thomas by helping to build an extension onto his Nutrition Center where he and his wife daily feeds 60+ children at their home. The team also did a 3 Day Kids Camp for those same children as well as painted the houses of several people in Pastor Gregorio's community. The team shared all about their trip on stage.

Faith Promise is this
Sunday at 9am and 10:30am

Over 25% of all giving at FCC goes to support missions and missionaries all over the world.  Every two years FCC'ers make new pledges in regards to the amount of money we that we each promise to give in faith towards all of these missions efforts we support!  Rick Jett, Executive Director of IDES, will be speaking on this morning motivating us to be more intentional in our commitment toward spreading the gospel around the world.

BE THE GIFT being revealed Sunday, November 12

Christmas is about gifts. But ultimately the true Christmas Story is about God's gift of Jesus. Jesus left the glory of heaven to be our gift of salvation from the punishment of sin.  Every year FCC finds many ways that we can BE THE GIFT in people's lives at Christmas time. And on Sunday, November 12 we are going to unveil the many ways we plan on being a gift to our local community this Christmas season!