Welcome to FCCkids, where we partner with parents to raise a generation that loves Jesus and wants the world to know him.

Sunday Mornings

FCCkids takes place on Sunday mornings during both services (9:00 and 10:30am). During each service your kids will learn what it means to love and follow Jesus through games, singing, a combination of video-teaching and live presentation, and small group activity and discussion.

Each week, for each age group, we seek to reinforce one of three basic truths:

God Made Me
God Loves Me
Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

I Need To Make The Wise Choice
I Can Trust God No Matter What
I Should Treat Others The Way I Want To Be Treated

What to Expect

First Time Guests
When you enter the FCCkids wing, you’ll be greeted by our friendly Kids Checkins Team. They’ll gather the info we need to get your child checked into our services, and direct you to the appropriate classrooms.

All adult FCCkids volunteers pass Federal and State background checks, and there is only one entrance and exit to the FCCkids wing, to ensure no one is there who shouldn’t be. We use a security-tag pickup system for child check-in and pickup.

Well-Child Policy
We want all of our kids and volunteers to remain healthy. As such, we ask that if your child is showing signs of communicable illness please do not check them in to FCCkids.

Behavior Policy
We want every child to be able to have a great time at FCCkids. If your child exhibits behavior that the adult leaders deem disruptive, dangerous, or otherwise unacceptable, they will adhere to the following procedure:

Strike 1:
Warning. Verbal warning from an adult leader.
Strike 2:
Break. Conversation in the hallway with the Ministry Leader.
Strike 3:
Call Parent. We will call you and ask you to remove your child from FCCkids for the day.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? We’re happy to answer them in-person on a Sunday morning or anytime by using the contact form below.